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Face-Intellect got recognition at China Hi-Tech Fair 2006


China Hi-Tech Fair 2006, a traditional all-China high technology forum, took place in Shenzhen from 12th to 17th of October. Face-Intellect(TM) face recognition system presented by AxxonSoft company got high opinion from fair guests and participants.

CHTF-2006 is one of the biggest exhibitions in South-East Asia. Nearly 3,500 companies from 42 countries were present at the last year's fair, and over 500,000 people had visited the exposition. Each province of China had sent an official delegation of specialists to CHTF. 1600 reporters for TV, radio, national and industrial newspapers and magazines were accredited here.

The first session of CHTF was held in October 1999; since then, the Fair has become the most powerful technology forum in China. 8th forum had its subject formulated like this: "Technologies, equipment, devices and materials for applications in electronics, telecommunications, machinery, power industry, general and oil chemistry, medicine and construction".

The main task for the Fair was to establish technological innovations access to national and global markets, and to support international exchange of scientific and technological experience. Moreover, the fair is intended to be the largest space to present the latest achievements of science and technology of China and particularly of Shenzhen province which is an undoubted leader in national economical growth due to its very high concentration of high technology production plants and intensive business processes.

China Hi-Tech Fair 2006AxxonSoft company was included in Moscow City section where companies and enterprises of Russian capital were exposed to Chinese public on the initiative of Moscow government. Face- Intellect(TM) face recognition system was exhibited here. Murat Kurshev, International department manager for AxxonSoft, demonstrated system's capabilities in person. Visitors - most of them company directors, specialists and board members of Southern China enterprises - paid great interest to Face-Intellect(TM) system operation. It was said that similar systems are just appearing here at the moment but rather primitive in comparison with the AxxonSoft product. A simpler system serves in Shenzhen airport but it works with static images only. The airport representatives considered Face-Intellect(TM) to be a probable replacement system to increase productivity.

Murat Kurchev conceives CHTF-2006 to be successful for AxxonSoft company. "AxxonSoft booth visitors appeared to be highly interested, and many of them decided to collaborate with us in the nearest future",- said Murat .

The city of Shenzhen where annual China Hi-Tech Fair is being carried out is a modern megapolis of 3 mln population having the highest living standards level in China . Many enterprises from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, USA and Western Europe place their production plants here. Over 80% of goods produced here are being exported.