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AxxonSoft VMS protects Ballito Junction, one of the biggest shopping malls in Kwa-Zulu Natal

Ballito Junction Regional Mall is the home of fabulous shopping in the vibrant heart of Kwa-Zulu Natal Dolphin Coast.


Featuring 200 carefully selected stores and six anchor tenants, including Pick n Pay, Woolworths, Checkers, Edgars, Game and Dis-Chem, Ballito Junction Regional Mall combines convenience with a world-class shopping experience.

The new Ballito Junction Regional Mall opened on 23 March 2017. It offers three magnificent shopping levels with a full range of retailers including fashion, footwear, wellness, health and beauty, home décor, cellular services, banking and more.


The purpose of CCTV software in the retail sector is primarily to keep the public and their belongings safe. Instances of petty crimes and organized violent activities necessitate the use of cutting-edge commercial security systems. Parking areas have a reputation for drug deals and illegal trade. It is vital to use exceptionally high standard equipment and provide comprehensive training for operators regarding both the product and procedures. 

Cameras should be high-quality to ensure that AI facial recognition can be used to perform valid suspect identification. Fixed and PTZ cameras need to be used in surrounding territories such as open parking areas, where most criminal activities take place. An intuitive video management system (VMS) is imperative for efficient view-switching and PTZ functions. 

Immediate access to footage must be available in case of situation unfolding and or any queries from patrons.

Axxon One VMS

Ballito Junction

South Africa



One of benefits of using the AxxonSoft VMS software is the ability to use a large variety of Onvif cameras as well as integrated cameras. This solution is used by a variety of camera brands, including panoramic cameras in certain areas with multiple entrances and exits. AxxonSoft VMS allows full functionality of the Panomorph lens as a digital PTZ, also an access to create views with multiple areas selected, and perimeter views (a full 360˚ view).

The mall is well-covered with megapixel cameras for different applications, such as watching fire escapes. Using AxxonSoft VMS Analytics to monitor fire escapes allows the mall management to set a line-crossing alarm on doorways that primarily function as fire escapes. When the alarm is triggered, it shows the operator a popup view with alerts and sends notifications via email.

The easy-to-use PTZ functions play a major role in this solution, since parking areas are generally a place of concern, and video surveillance system allows for a wide variety of functionalities on PTZ cameras including PTZ auto tracking. 

176 channels are active on site with 1 server. Each operator has a station running AxxonSoft VMS Professional with 16 monitors allowing for multiple views at any time.


Servers: CAPSULE DR2460  

Cameras: Sunell static domes, bullets, and PTZs  

Network: Dell and IFS Networking 


Axxon One VMS

Results and Benefits

Axxon One VMS software ensures retail security providing easy access to various functions and aid to operators, including those new to the system. 

The mall’s opening day was marred by threats of protest action, which resulted in putting the mall security forces and the local police service on high alert. With Axxon One–powered video management system in place, security personnel were able to allow Security Services, with SAPS in attendance, to use video surveillance system with ease, capturing each moment as it unfolded. No injuries or violent activities were reported, and all damage to the property was captured and noted in the system.