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Public Safety Solution Deployment at Eco-Tech @ Sunview Singapore Industrial Park

Advanced analytics capabilities of Axxon One VMS have reduced the reliance on manpower, increasing security and enabling the management to save a significant amount in monthly expenses.


Eco-Tech @ Sunview is a nine-storey industrial park located in Singapore, which houses tenants involved in various manufacturing and fabrication businesses. Before the implementation of the new CCTV system, the park was relying on an outdated and manual analog CCTV system with no analytics. The management of the industrial park decided to upgrade the system to automate some of the security processes and reduce their reliance on manpower.


The Eco-Tech @ Sunview Industrial Park faced several challenges before the implementation of the new public safety cameras and Axxon One VMS:

  • Outdated and manual CCTV system: The park was relying on an old analog CCTV system without video analytics, making it difficult for security personnel to monitor the premises effectively.
  • Reliance on manpower: The manual CCTV system required a significant number of security guards to monitor the premises, leading to higher operational costs.
  • Inadequate security and theft deterrence: The lack of advanced analytics and round-the-clock monitoring made the park more vulnerable to criminal activities and theft.
  • Slow incident response and evidence collection: The manual system made it challenging to quickly access and review footage in case of incidents, resulting in slower response times and less accurate evidence collection.

Eco-Tech @ Sunview

Axxon One VMS

Integration (systems & software vendors)

Partners (integrators & distributors)
Onestop Security Platform


Features & Analytics (Including AI)
LPR, FR, face search, LPR search, smart search


The main objectives of public safety cameras solution at Ecotech Sunview were to:

  • Automate security processes to reduce reliance on manpower.
  • Enhance security by monitoring the premises 24/7.  
  • Deter criminal activities and theft. 
  • Provide evidence in case of any incidents. 
  • Facilitate quick response to emergencies. 

Solution Implementation

The management of Eco-Tech @ Sunview partnered with a local security company Onestop Security Platform. The company was selected after a competitive bidding process, where it managed to outbid other competitors by offering Axxon One VMS that provided the largest number of analytics for the price.

Onestop Security Platform recommended the installation of a total of 200 high-resolution public safety cameras with advanced analytics capabilities at strategic locations such as entrance/exit points, common areas, and parking lots. Out of these 200 cameras, 2 were LPR License Plate Recognition cameras and 10 were Facial Recognition (FR) cameras.

The cameras were connected to Axxon One Intelligent Video Management System, a centralized platform that allowed the security personnel to monitor the premises in real-time and receive alerts for suspicious activities. The footage captured by the cameras was stored in a secure storage system, and Axxon One provided intelligent motion-based search for all cameras.

Results and Benefits

Automation of security processes: The advanced analytics capabilities of the cameras and the Axxon One Intelligent VMS have reduced the reliance on manpower, enabling the management to employ less security guards and saving a significant amount in monthly expenses.

Increased security: 24/7 monitoring of the premises through the Axxon One Intelligent VMS has deterred criminal activities and theft, while the LPR and FR public safety cameras have added an additional layer of security by monitoring the license plates and faces of individuals entering the premises.

Improved evidence collection: The intelligent search based on motion for all cameras has made it easier for security personnel to quickly access and review footage in case of any incidents, improving the accuracy and speed of evidence collection.

Leveraging Law Enforcement Software Solutions for a Safer Tomorrow

The successful deployment of public safety cameras and the intelligent VMS at Eco-Tech @ Sunview Industrial Park demonstrates the potential of law enforcement software solutions in fostering a safer and more secure environment. By embracing such technologies, we can pave the way for a future where security is not only robust but also efficient and cost-effective.