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Axxon One VMS Installed at the Grand Trade Business Center in Republika Srpska

In Banja Luka, one of the largest cities of Republika Srpska, a modern business center has been built. The complex has 14 stories and a total area of 200,000 square meters.


The Grand Trade Business Center is a leading commercial hub in Banja Luka, Republika Srpska. It houses a diverse range of businesses, from retail outlets to corporate offices, attracting a large number of visitors and employees daily. The client’s commitment to safety and security is evident in their investment in advanced security systems to ensure the protection of all individuals within the premises.


text: There are a huge number of people in the business center every day — more than 1300 employees, visitors, and technical staff. For this reason, public safety and property security in a building like this is a key issue. When setting the objectives for the installation of a security system in the Grand Trade Business Center, the customer outlined typical requirements: all the infrastructure of the Center — its territory, office space, and utility areas, as well as entrances and exits — must be carefully monitored.

Grand Trade Business Center

Master B.C.

Axxon One VMS

Banja Luka, Republika Srpska

Features & Analytics
General surveillance, failover service, a monitoring center, remote monitoring


The client selected AxxonSoft to provide software that could meet its objectives. Its key product, the state-of-the-art AxxonSoft video management software (VMS), was installed on 10 servers. Four remote client computers were also connected to the system, enabling uninterrupted recording of video from 186 cameras in all. Live video from cameras is viewed in a single monitoring center.

Results and Benefits

Once the Axxon One VMS security system was fully functioning in the Grand Trade Business Center, the customer noted that they had not had any technical problems or complications in terms of use of the system. Thus, the installed Axxon One VMS software fully satisfied all the client’s wishes and requirements at such an important business facility as a business center.

The Role of Public Safety Cameras

The strategic placement of public safety cameras within the Grand Trade Business Center plays a crucial role in maintaining a secure environment. These cameras, integrated with the Axxon One VMS, provide real-time monitoring, enabling swift response to any potential security threats. This integration exemplifies the effectiveness of law enforcement software solutions in ensuring public safety.

"We are pleased that our company was selected as the supplier of advanced and high-tech software products. This enables the installer company's specialists to design and deliver solutions for projects with the widest range of required functions using a single platform for building security systems."

— Fedor Mendelev, Sales Director, AxxonSoft Eastern Europe

Our Partner

The distributor of equipment for security system installation was Master B.C., one of the largest distributors in the market of the former Yugoslavia, focused on promoting and selling various hardware and solutions with diverse levels of complexity and scale.