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AxxonSoft holds training seminar for partners in Croatia


On 16 April, the office of Alarm automatika in Rijeka, Croatia, hosted a training seminar and educational session on use of the Axxon One VMS for representatives of eight major Croatian companies.

Event participants learned about the features and core technologies of the Axxon One platform, which supports unlimited system scaling and powerful analytic capabilities. In addition, Axxon One supports forensic search of recorded video, as well as interactive 3D site maps. These and other key Axxon One features were presented to guests by Fedor Mendelev, AxxonSoft Sales Manager for Southern Europe.

Both participants and organizers were enthusiastic about the results.

"Real opportunities for our products are opening up in Croatia thanks to EU accession. That's why the Axxon One training in Rijeka, held at our Croatian competency center with Alarm automatika, is so important for us.
Educating local engineers in their own language is one of the best ways to promote AxxonSoft-powered solutions. Unlike ordinary seminars, which are passive, our training sessions are ‘see and do’ – engineers can hear about the state-of-the-art features but also get a feel for them and really see for themselves how everything fits together. This is the most effective way for potential end clients to grasp the full range of features available in AxxonSoft products. And by combining their deep knowledge of the local market with software mastery, our partners can offer clients exactly what they need, addressing client requirements as effectively and efficiently as possible."

Fedor Mendelev, AxxonSoft Sales Manager for Southern Europe

For more information on this and upcoming seminars, visit the AxxonSoft site at Training section.