Провідний світовий розробник інтелектуального програмного забезпечення VMS і PSIM
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AxxonSoft integrates Dahua Eco-Savvy 3.0 cameras


The Axxon VMS 4 Video Management Software and the Intellect Physical Security Information Management software are now integrated with the newest Dahua Eco-Savvy series 3.0 cameras. Series 3.0 cameras stream Full HD video at 60 fps and deliver quality image for analytics, live monitoring and investigation. AxxonSoft is able to take H.265 video (HEVC, High Efficiency Video Coding) from Dahua cameras.

AxxonSoft is busy expanding its integration work. The integrations list at AxxonSoft currently exceeds 8500 IP devices: 6500 devices are integrated via ONVIF and around 2750 cameras work with their proprietary protocols.