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AxxonSoft Integrates Optex Laser Detection Systems into Axxon PSIM


AxxonSoft today announced that support for REDSCAN, OPTEX's® award-winning laser scanner, has been integrated into the company's Axxon PSIM platform.

The OPTEX REDSCAN RLS-3060 is an innovative outdoor laser detector, widely used in perimeter security systems, offering a unique algorithm which results in high-reliability detection of people, vehicle and object with minimal false alarms.

"AxxonSoft is constantly looking for opportunity to provide our partners with integrated solutions based on the latest technologies. The Integration with OPTEX REDSCAN equipment allows our partners to build systems which meet the highest security level and reliability requirements. Indeed, it allows alarms generated by the video management software and the perimeter protection systems to be managed from a single workstation,"

said Alexey Mayorov, VP of business development of AxxonSoft EMEA.

By adding OPTEX REDSCAN perimeter security to a unified security system based on Intellect, operators gain a number of advantages: high-accuracy localisation of intrusion attempts, easier deployment of perimeter security, and more flexible security system design.

"With the high demand for this type of unified platforms, systems integrators can now offer their customers the addition of REDSCAN's exceptional perimeter security detection features for the most sensitive military, public sector, and commercial installations. Combining REDSCAN sensor technology with IP CCTV or large networked security systems means that events triggered by the detector can be visually verified and correlated with other security events – all in one single platform. This is key to providing reliable protection for critical sites,"

said Takuya Okamoto, Managing Director of OPTEX Europe.