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AxxonSoft releases ATM PSIM version 7.0

AxxonSoft releases ATM PSIM version 7.0

AxxonSoft has unveiled version 7.0 of ATM PSIM, the company's security solution for banks and financial institutions. The new release offers a number of new features and expanded functionality.

What's new in ATM PSIM 7.0:

  • New configuration of security objects: now every security object is a child of the ATM PSIM Workstation object. The ATM Object is no longer used in the system.
  • An Additional Workstation has been created for providing access to full ATM PSIM Workstation functionality on additional computers.
  • New features in the ATM Events Interceptor module: the module now interfaces with dispenser hardware and can intercept the entire range of ATM-related operations and transactions. In addition, the ATM Events Interceptor can retrieve the number of a client's card from the ATM log (Wincor Nixdorf ProTopas).
  • ATM events can be passed to Axxon PSIM: event-driven reactions can now be configured in, and performed by, the Axxon PSIM (start/stop video based on certain events, SMS notification, and audio alerts).
  • Installer improvements: the same installer is now used for ATM PSIM Pro, ATM PSIM Workstation, ATM PSIM Mall Workstation, and Additional Workstation. Databases in ATM PSIM Workstation and ATM PSIM Mall Workstation are handled the same way as in Axxon PSIM. In addition, when running the installer or removal wizard, the user can select to repair or uninstall the product.

The developers have also fixed several bugs, improving overall system stability.

The installer for version 7.0 of ATM PSIM, release notes, and documentation are available here.