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AxxonSoft to Take Part in SKYDD 2012


AxxonSoft invites you to discover our latest technologies at SKYDD 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden, on 18–21 September, 2012. The company showcases its product at Merit Lilin’s booth.

AxxonSoft is proud to introduce its latest highlight, the innovative VMS Axxon VMS. This best-in-class, new-generation Video Management Software is based on open standards to offer a truly open platform. Axxon VMS’s reliability, performance and convenience are unmatched on the market. Experience unprecedented flexibility and freedom of configuration with unlimited number of video servers, cameras, workstations and mobile client devices, as well as more than 850 supported IP camera models. The advanced ergonomic interface makes all functions intuitively easy to use and find. And, last but not least, transparent customer-oriented pricing policy means that you can take advantage of the program’s full functionality and features, no matter the size of your system. Axxon VMS is available in a free version with support for 16 connected cameras and an included license for video and audio detection tools.


Hall A, Stand 17:30 (Merit Lilin)
Stockholmsmдssan, Stockholm, Sweden


18–21 September 2012
Tuesday – Thursday 9:00 – 17:00
Friday 9:00 – 15:00

We look forward to seeing you in Stockholm!