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Colleen Glaeser is appointed Global Marketing Director of AxxonSoft

Colleen Glaeser is appointed Global Marketing Director of AxxonSoft

Leading developer of smart integrated security and video surveillance systems, AxxonSoft, is pleased to announce the appointment of Colleen Glaeser as the company’s new Global Marketing Director.

Glaeser will be spearheading the digital marketing initiatives that will propel the company to the top of the digital space.

Glaeser has excelled in her region with AxxonSoft since 2015, appointed as Managing Director of the company in 2016. She was also the first female to sit on the company’s board of International Directors, a direct result of her proven leadership capabilities.

Glaeser is a veteran of the ICT sector with 25 years of experience and a serial entrepreneur who started her first business at 22. She is also a world-renowned and trusted public speaker and has taken the stage at high-profile conferences of many of the world’s biggest technology brands.

AxxonSoft was founded in 2003 and is a leading developer of IP-based physical security management and intelligent video surveillance products. These are combined into an enterprise-wide platform that encompasses fully integrated vertical and horizontal solutions.

The company has more than 5 800 partners in over 100 countries and 46 offices around the world and specializes in forensic searches of recorded video, a technology that’s able to identify essential event criteria like faces, vehicle numbers, and others.