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Support for CNB IP Devices Implemented in AxxonSoft Software

Support for CNB IP Devices Implemented in AxxonSoft Software

The AxxonSoft Company has begun technological collaboration with the South Korean IP equipment manufacturer CNB Technology. As part of their joint activity, the CNB IPM 3063 N(P) video camera and the CNB INS 2000 IP video server have been integrated into AxxonSoft products.

CNB IPM 3063 is a rotating IP camera with 10x optical zoom. The main feature of this camera is XNET technology, which allows the transmission of both a digital signal over an IP network and analog video through a BNC connector. The camera has 127 presets, an electronic sensitivity increase function (DSS), and a day/night function. The maximum rotation speed is 360°/sec, and the maximum frame speed is 30 frames/sec (25 in PAL mode) with a resolution of 705x576 pixels. The camera generates two video streams and supports the MJPEG and H.264 (or MPEG-4) codecs, as well as two-way (full-duplex) sound. It is possible to store the video archive locally on an SD card.

INS 2000 is a single-channel IP video server with automatic detection of signal type (NTSC/PAL) and support for PoE technology. Like the camera, the server supports XNET technology, two video streams, and two-way sound; generates up to 30 frames/sec (25 in PAL mode) with a resolution of 704x576 pixels; and allows archive storage on an SD card.

Support for IP devices in AxxonSoft software is accomplished using Drivers Pack, a module with a separate installer, which makes it possible to incorporate new integrated IP devices into the system without waiting for the next release of the base product or reinstalling the entire system. The CNB equipment was integrated into version 3.1.8 of Drivers Pack, which is recommended for installation on version 4.7.8 of the Intellect and Intellect Lite products.

About the CNB Company

CNB Technology, Inc. (South Korea) was founded in 1999 by a group of specialists who had been working in the field of CCTV for over 10 years. The company is one of the leaders in manufacturing equipment for video surveillance systems. Using modern technologies, CNB Technology, Inc. produces and sells a wide range of products on the international market, including color cameras with built-in zoom, high-resolution dome video cameras with day/night mode, and miniature video cameras with IR lighting, as well as digital video surveillance systems.